Your Twitter Diet

I lost twenty pounds on Twitter. I want to show you how! My new book is called Your Twitter Diet. The one thing all successful dieters have in common is support and Twitter can be support SUPERCHARGED. I want you to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.Your Twitter Diet can be your first step. It’s available at Amazon for the Kindle or paperback. 



Vera Wang’s Horrible Video

Last Minute Easter Idea

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The Gameshow Network is looking for offices that want to get healthy together – is that you? Here’s casting info for their new show. Give it a go office peeps!

Are you and your coworkers struggling to lose weight? Do you need a cash incentive to get off the couch? If you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is and place a wager on your weight loss then we want to hear from you!

The Game Show Network is currently searching for coworkers looking to bet on each other in the ultimate weight loss wager competition show. Teams will compete against each other for a cash prize and a slimmer body. We are especially seeking groups of four or more employees with dynamic personalities who are ready to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and play a high stakes game for a new series.

 To be considered please write to us at with the following information (**if you are nominating someone else, please be sure to include their contact info, as well**):

 Names & Ages of coworkers [coworkers should be cc’d on email]

Your city & state of residence

Brief cover note discussing your company and each coworker’s weight issues

A few current photographs of yourself and your coworkers

The best phone numbers(s) at which to reach you


I Will Punch the Betsy Wetsy Exorcist Hybrid


Usually I don’t find the marketing of the film to be anywhere near what the actual film depicts. If not that, the entire movie can be seen in the trailer. So usually, with movies, I hope for not much information before I see the flick.

But I feel it is my duty to warn you about a creative and horrifying mar­keting technique under way for a lovely little movie called “Devil’s Due,” out later this month continue reading for the part when I attack.

Diet Buddy Fail

Dieting without a buddy is making this harder than it has to be and it’s already stupid hard. Dieting with a BAD Diet Buddy is even worse. I have GREAT diet buddies and if you find me on FB or on Twitter or Instagram and we can be diet buddies too. BUT if you’re this chick keep walking.Diet Buddy Fail

Four Reasons to Drink Water on a Diet


There’s a lot of research to suggest that there is no rule about water. You’re supposed to drink it for health but there’s no amount that will guarantee success. Some say drink eight eight ounces glasses a day, and include juice or other non-caffienated drink in that total.

Here’s what “they” say about it. You will be less likely to mistake thirst for hunger if you’re hydrated, your kidneys will love you, and your skin will look movie star ready. It aids digestion digestion and reduces water retention according to the convential wisdom.

Okay, whatever. None of those factors really contribute to why I add water when I’m trying to subtract pounds. Here’s why I drink water like it’s my job when I’m working to get my eating under control.

Mindfulness – Drinking eight glasses of water or for me about 60 ounces of water – takes dedication. I have a problem with mindless grazing and when I’m drinking this amount of water I have to focus on it. I have to put my mind to it. This is an important behavoir modification for me.

Mitigation – I have on occasion jumped in to this diet craze or that diet craze. I alwasy felt that even though I may have done a weird diet or eating plan if I was at least “drinking my waters” I was protecting myself from the worst of the risks.

Fullness – You do feel full. No question about it. That helps when you’re trying to curb the snack cravings.

Slowness – Drinking water slows me down. This is good. It’s almost like a little meditation to drink water. You take a deep breath, you focus on your water, you chill. I can easily quickly ruin a great day in seconds by grabbing food I don’t even want, that’s not on my plan, cold water at my fingertips makes me take a moment. Sometimes that’s all I need to get my urge for something under control.

So bottoms up! See you in the ladies room. I’ll be there one-thousand times today.  Meanwhile if you want to make it more fun to drink at work take a look at this post.

I’m Back, I’m on a Diet, and I’m Angry About It – Join me!

I’ve been non-bloggy lately. I’m not promising daily posts BUT I am working on my fitness and well let’s be honest WEIGHT! I’ve got a few lbs to drop and nothing could be more annoying. My only defense is humor SO join me here, on FACEBOOK, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. I may not lose weight but I will have fun. Happy New Year!

The left side are the racks at Target on this subzero January day. The right side is my sarcastic face. Funny Target, very funny.

very funny target very funny

Picture Perfect Family Outing – Rare but possible!

My husband thinks my plan to buy a Christmas tree farm is as viable as my plan to learn to ferment whiskey so we have something to barter in an apocalypse. But I’m work­ing on it. Read all about it here.

Adventures of a World Food Championship Judge – My Vlog

White Turkey Chili with Sweet Potato

For some reason I can’t get the sesgment to embed BUT here’s a direct link to a wonderful White Turkty Chili segment!

Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate White Turkey Chili with Sweet Potato