Your Twitter Diet

I lost twenty pounds on Twitter. I want to show you how! My new book is called Your Twitter Diet. The one thing all successful dieters have in common is support and Twitter can be support SUPERCHARGED. I want you to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.Your Twitter Diet can be your first step. It’s available at Amazon for the Kindle or paperback. 



No So Crab Cakes

Here’s a great recipe for a crab cake that doesn’t have crab! I loved it and you will too.
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Here’s the Not So Crab Cakes Recipe

Walkadoo Review Breaking News, Weather and Sports

I had a chance to try a new way to challenge you to get your steps in called the Walkadoo. Walkadoo works with a lot of step counters and smart fitness devices. I had it connected to the adorable Pepple.

I’ve tried a lot of fitness trackers and for the most part I like them all. What Walkadoo does is turn that tracker into a game and a constant source of motivation. On top of that you’re a part of a social network of other Walkadooers who encourage you and support your progress.

Here’s how it works Read More

Outlander Obsession is Good for My Health

Drugstore Makeup Finds

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Calories In Calories Out Cookbook Toledo (OH) News, Weather and Sports

If you’re looking for delicious ideas while watching your calories and great suggestions for burning it off check out the cookbook at the link below.

Fifty Shades of Outdoor Fitness

The Cheater’s Guide to Cost Cutting

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Dishwasher Down

Can’t Rachel Be in Menopause? Please?