The Hershey’s Kiss Diet


Arty Kisses

Nine Hershey’s Kisses® are 230 calories. I know this because I looked up the information before I ate nine Hershey’s Kisses®. I’m not telling you this because I want you to “cheat” or tempt you but I really wanted a treat the other day. I have been very “good” with my eating choices and I wanted to see if a little chocolate could fit in. I realize this isn’t a good idea if you’re on a low sugar eating plan but I’m on a some sugar eating plan. No lifestyle plan is going to work for me if I can’t savor chocolate now and then.

The Kisses® are a good choice for me because you have to open each one. This takes time so it slowed the experience down. I planned for 230 calories from the nine individually wrapped treats and I also planned for 1 cup of ice cold skim milk to wash it down. The milk was 80 calories. So while I don’t think this is a choice for every day I do think it helped me be the boss of my four in the afternoon craving. I was in charge of them and not the other way around. I had my lovely little chocolate treat and stayed within my eating plan for the day. It made me want to kiss the Kisses® right back. Oh.. and it also helps me keep track the next time I’m at a party and someone has a dish of them out. One is 25.5 calories.

So how about you? Is there room for a Kiss® or are you better off completely avoiding them for now?


10 Responses to “The Hershey’s Kiss Diet”
  1. ciara says:

    i think anything is o.k. as long as it’s in moderation. that’s how i lost weight the first time i got big. tho i was much younger & had no thyroid disease back then. lost 50+lbs in 3 mos just changing the way i ate. can’t do that now tho, requires much more work to lose even 1/2 lb. a wk. :-/

  2. I am a master un-wrapper. Individual wrappers don’t slow me down. Sometimes I unwrap my allotted amount and then eat them in succession.

    But the trick is finding out what works for us. For now, I’m best to avoid it all together.

  3. LDNYC says:

    It’s so weird that you posted this today and that I am reading it right now, as I am at work and just got back from a “deli run” where I had planned to just get a can of Fresca to quash today’s uncontrollable sweet tooth, but I REALLY wanted some chocolate and a S’mores Luna bar wasn’t going to cut it. So I caved at checkout and grabbed a little bag of 9 Hershey’s Kisses thinking it would be perfect because I could probably force myself to just have one single Kiss! I am on Weight Watchers and I know the whole bag is 5pts, so I was just getting ready to do the math to determine exactly how many pts I should log per Kiss 😉

  4. Cheryl E says:

    I’m getting the hang of this, now that I know where to find you two LOL
    I love this post! You make a girl think “why the heck should I fell guilty for having a lil chocolate?” As long as it’s moderation, you can maintain control.

    Btw, I’m glad you exchanged the skirt…You will be more comfortable and not have to worry about something splitting while your spreading your yuletide cheer 😉

  5. Cheryl E says:

    ooops that’s supposed to say “feel”….not fell

  6. Chris says:

    I bought a big bag of Hershey kisses at BJ’s and have been using three of them for dessert each night. I don’t need a lot of chocolate, but a little is good. It makes me feel like I can have something “bad,” but still be on track. I think those kisses are the perfect snack!

  7. MizFit says:

    love the kisses. in my mind I have ONE and a glass of wine each night. what really happens? you have to come here to find out as Im not telling.

    MizFits last blog post..I dont want to die of a heart attack when Im 25.

  8. jaden says:



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