Fifteen Pound Foe


You ever get to that point where the needle on the scale just won’t budge? I’ve lost 10 pounds many times this year but each time I get close to a fifteen pounds weight loss something sinister intervenes to nudge me back up.

I had almost lost 15 pounds when Christmas cookies jumped into my mouth by the dozen.  A few months ago I was close to 15 pounds lost and I stopped exercising.  Another time, as I approached my 15 pounds, this alien landed in my kitchen and forced me at the point of his ray gun to eat the rest of the Cheerios w/extra sugar on top. Last summer I was at 14 pounds down and I visited Disneyworld. 

I’ve come to believe this is not random coincidence. There is an organized, vindictive, and nasty enemy whose sole mission is to keep me from losing 15 pounds. This Fifteen Pound Foe has my number and controls the forces of the universe and does not want me to lose 15 (or more) pounds.

So here I am again.. at the brink. It’s a dangerous time. I’m 14 pounds down from my high point. In another week I know I’m going to achieve a 14 pound weight loss.  But I can feel my Fifteen Pound Foe’s malignant energy. He’s out there. Stalking me.

Fifteen Pound Foe will become enraged next week when I step on the scale and it reveals that I’m down 14 pounds. Fifteen Pound Foe will bake me a cake or offer me a super-sized french fry. If I resist these food temptations that’s when my Fifteen Pound Foe will start playing lowdown and dirty. Fifteen Pound Foe will work on my emotions. Fifteen Pound Foe will influence television network executives to air Beaches, Terms of Endearment or Brian’s Song on t.v. so I will cry my eyes out and comfort myself in a tub of ice cream. Fifteen Pound Foe will haul me up again and imprison me in a weight I hate.

So why fifteen pounds? It is not my goal weight but it is a major hurdle. Fifteen Pound Foe knows that on the other side of 15 pounds are lower sizes that I haven’t fit into for years. I miss those sizes, those lower weights. I want to be reunited with them.

So bring it Fifteen Pound Foe, bring it. I know you’re out there. I’m ready for you. I’ll vanquish you this time. And when I finally lose 16 pounds I will reward myself. (Cue ominous footsteps.)

So what point can’t you get past?


18 Responses to “Fifteen Pound Foe”
  1. Kellyology says:

    I can’t get past 10 pounds. 10 pounds seems to take be about 3 months and that’s usually when my discipline seems to always give out. This year 3 months hit Halloween. But now I’m back on track!

  2. peachy8588 says:

    I usually get stuck around 142 lbs (not lbs lost – weighing 142) Love to get into the 130s just to say I did and give myself some breathing room between my WW goal and my reality. I’m back into weight loss mode after Christmas – maybe this will be the year!

    peachy8588s last blog post..Rabbit is wise

  3. Gay Walker says:

    I think what happens at a certain point is that we feel we’ve been depraving ourselves for so long, all of our motivation collapses in a great big heap… and instead of caving a little, we cave entirely.

    The answer, I think, is to not give up everything in its entirety. I live by several simple rules:

    1) Two bites of anything is OK. (Though I only get one “anything” per meal, and they are two “lady-like” bites. Most meals, I don’t feel the need, but there are those occasions when I just can’t stand it.

    2) Exercise is the answer when I really want to eat. Weight loss is an equation. A pound a week means you have to burn 500 calories more than you take in. You can take in less calories or you can burn more calories–or you can do it in combination. If you want to eat more on a given day, no problem. Exercise more by an equivalent amount. Don’t feel like exercising that day (or can’t), then eat less. And the calories are cumulative, so you can spread the exercise (or eating less) over two days and still be okay.

    3) Meals consumed within a half hour after exercise tend to go more towards energy and less toward fat.

    I know I sound like a salesperson for the Bodybugg (I’m not–I don’t have any relationship to them financially), but mine helps me balance diet/exercise more easily and takes the guesswork out of it. I actually lost weight (6 pounds) beginning the 12th of December until now.

  4. Dani says:

    Try 1 pound. I’ve been trying to lose 20 lbs since June and can’t lose more than a pound. Talk about frustrating. I’ve explored all the possibilities that something might be wrong and keeping me from losing, but no, it’s simple math. Bummer!

  5. If you’re having trouble losing fifteen pounds you should try losing twenty instead. That way you skip right over the problem!

    Charlie Hillss last blog post..The Daily Plate

  6. GretaKiki says:

    Kellyology.. I’m losing at your pace.
    Peachy.. I totally want the same.. a little buffer!
    Gay thank you so much for the help and support! You’re amazing.
    Dani.. sometimes I wish for stomach flu so it would be easier.
    Charlie.. I have more than twenty but I’d settle for one about now.

    This is Rebecca..btw!

    I have gained and lost 30-50 lbs 4-6 times since my teen years – I am 38!

    I just can’t keep ’em off. I think it is the challenge of GETTING THEM OFF and then when I am at my goal…the challenge seems to be gone so I self-sabotage!

  8. Jellybean says:

    Why don’t you try losing 5 kgs instead… may only make 4.5 kgs but hey that’s 10 lbs! Switching measurements can help you overcome hurdles…

    Jellybeans last blog post..Meal plan w/c 4 Jan

  9. Good idea Jellybean. Or be British and just try to lose one stone!

    Charlie Hillss last blog post..Home Slice, Take 2

  10. Nicole says:

    As you get closer to goal you reach the stubborn fat. This is the fat that was sent down by baby Jesus to protect you from your sins… it’s biblical.

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  13. Julia says:

    I loved the biblical post, that makes me feel so much better, LOL. I am in the same post. If I could just lose another 5 pounds I would be under my magical number I don’t seem to be able to get too. I will still have a long way to go but would just feel so much better being under that illusive number.

  14. Jenny says:

    I cannot pass 30 lbs!! I lost those 30 in about 2 months. The “old” w.w. program. Then my foe, the new P.P. program halted me. I simply toy with the same 3 lbs. up and down, over and over. If I exercise, I gain…drink water?? gain. More fiber, you say? gained. No one gains weight eating fruits and veggies?? Yeah, right! I did. Maybe I’m eating too many, they say. Is an apple and a couple carrots a day too many?? I am beyond frustrated and even skipped the meeting AND weigh in last week just so I could take a break, because that’s all I seem to think about (didn’t stop watching what I eat, though). I don’t know if it’s a plateau that just happened to coincide with the roll out of the new fabulous program, or if the new doesn’t agree with me. I’m tellin’ ya.. If I don’t lose more than those pesky 3 lbs this week, well…I’m gonna keep trying. I have seen the program work within my own family (of course, that was the old program) ::sigh:: what’s a girl to do?

  15. Becky says:

    I love Nicole’s comment, lol….

  16. Laugh It Off Ladies says:

    UGH! We’re feeling exactly like you are right now Jenny. Even cutting back on the fruit. So frustrating.

  17. Laugh It Off Ladies says:

    Becky – totally LOL!