The Constant Dieter


Let’s start the debate. Can you be on a diet, lose the weight, and be off the diet? Do you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle and forget about dieting to achieve your ideal weight?   Or, like me, does losing weight depend on planetary harmonic convergence?

giant-bathing-suitI am The Constant Dieter. Since I’m always trying  to lose weight that’s why I am The Constant Dieter.  However I know people who are near their ideal weight (my ideal weight moved to Hawaii in 1991 and I don’t even see at at high school reunions) and these ideal weight people can also be Constant Dieters.

The times I say to my healthy diet: “Hey Diet, stick it up your King Don,” are the times I gain weight. I think I have to be more constant. But again, there’s a strong case to be made for just adopting a healthy lifestyle and forget “dieting.”

So what do you think? Where are you right now? And keep in mind we can move up and down on this scale, day by day.

The Constant Dieter – You’re always thinking about dieting, setting goals, reading diet books, counting something, weighing  yourself. The majority of the time you think  you ate too much.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle – You’re Stable Mable. You always eat healthy food and just  cut back a little when your yoga pants seem tight. You feel dieting isn’t the answer and you kind of feel sorry for The Constant Dieter.

Sporadic Dieter– You engage in small bursts of manic dieting. perhaps to fit into something or show up the girl that stole your boyfriend in high school. The term yoyo was made for you. (The HOHO was also made for you, when you go off the diet.)

Stick it Up Your King Don Diet– You’re frustrated, angry and you just want to enjoy your treat. Go away.

Which one are you.. and why?


4 Responses to “The Constant Dieter”
  1. NeverSayDiet says:

    Living a Healthy Lifestyle mixed with a touch of The Constant Dieter – I don’t diet, per se, but am always, in some way, thinking about what I eat, trying to make healthy (tho not necessarily low-cal) decisions, etc. But no weighing myself – that’s a fast way to spoil a perfectly good day.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I am also somewhere between Stable Mable and the Constant Dieter — because I am a WW Lifetimer. I eat very well, and have stayed under my WW goal for 7 years now. But I am up about 4 pounds from my, personal, ideal weight — where everything fits beautifully and I feel great. And so — for just those 4 pounds — I can make myself crazy.

    It’s nuts — because I am still a size 4, and that’s not good enough for me. I need to be my best size 4. I count most days, I weigh myself almost every day, I still go to meetings almost weekly (at work meetings.) The good news I am one of the healthiest eaters I know, and that’s critically important for me because I have a systemic disease; the bad news is I can beat myself up because I shared some lemon tart and profiteroles last night.

  3. Constant dieter. I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that I always will be too. But it’s better than the alternative.

  4. Jonathan says:

    I read with interest the comments here. I realise I am very lucky, the stable mabel if you like.
    However, I didn’t see anything about exercise, which is half of the equation. I subscribe to healthy eating, but not restriction, as long as I burn off the calories.
    Diets are notoriously unreliable. You see the benefits over the first 3 weeks and then it plateaus, which is when many lose interest, or find the will power to restrict too much. Also there is no ‘1 diet fits all’. In evolution people who held more fat, survived times of drought and famine while the thin people died, so many of us evolved to larger so that the human race survives come what may.
    Balance is freshly prepared food, water, moderation, and exercise = self confidence, higher IQ, resistance to illness and a better BMI