Laughing Yourself Skinny


If this is your first visit to Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat, welcome! 

There are plenty of blogs out there that will help you lose weight, what with the nutrition and exercise n’stuff, we’re here to help you laugh about it. We here for those days when you just can’t stand to eat another vegetable and decide to count potato chips AS a vegetable.

Our Motto: Sometimes dieting can be a real joke.2008 Diet Please enjoy a sampling of our favorite posts.

Breaking Up With Your 2008 Diet – See ya’  loser.

The Laundry Workout – If doing laundry made you skinny we’d be Keira Knightly.

Virgin Garden(er) Dirty Workout – Not only are we eating more vegetables we’re growing them. We make ourselves sick with our awesome healthiness.

Letter to the Office Diet Saboteur We’re here to help you tell your co-workers and family to STEP OFF ’cause you’re dieting.cubicle 

So that’s us in a nutshell. If you’d like  to know more about Rebecca Regnier and Robin Gorrell click over to our About Page. Thanks for visiting and come back everyday for a daily does of Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat?

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