Happy Goiter Friday


We wanted to share two new blogs we found. Both are witty, brilliant, and totally up our alley.

banjo-goiter-1First up Dear Thyroid by Katie Schwartz. Both Robin and I are thyroid patients. I’ve had Hashimoto’s Disease since age twenty and Robin is just fargled up thyroid-wise. We’re both working on our letters to our Thyroid. We’re also so wishing we thought of this blog idea! Our thyroids are jealous of her thyroid. (And if you’re on Twitter let’s see if we can get #happygoiterfriday to trend!)

Then we bring you a brand new blog. It started this week and we fell in love isntantly. Give Ungirdled Passiona read. Right of the gate Ungirdled is fabulous. We think Tracy Kunzler is the bees knees.


12 Responses to “Happy Goiter Friday”
  1. Bev says:

    I’ve had my thyroid removed due to cancer 2x (1/2 and 1/2 why take it all at once like a”normal” person) and also suffered Hoshimotos Disease. Didn’t keep it long enough to know what the full extent of that was, although I can guess from all I felt!

    The man in the pick should be suicidal with goiters like that!!!!! LOL Heck, I thought tumors the size of a 2 men’s fists was big!?

  2. MikeS says:


    i thought mine looked bad….


  3. Dear Thyroid says:

    So, I just wrote this long ass comment and clicked submit, but failed to leave my deets. As a result, my comment was deleted. Argh.

    Where did you find the goiterific piece of vintage man meat? I wonder if he’d date me. I haven’t yet said to a potential dateable that I have Graves’ disease (it just sounds so deathy). I think the goiter daddy of doom you posted might be inclined.

    I’m sorry Robin has thyroid disease, too. Hypo or Hyper?

    Thank you for the shout out! You’re such a honey. PS: I love #happygoiterfriday <– so brilliant. You’re hysterical.


  4. You grrrrls are as sweet as a dozen hot, glazed Krispy Kremes!!!! Thanks so much for the shout-out! It means the world from such a fun, popular blog as yours!!! Like I told Rebecca I think one of the reasons (besides the hilarious, useful content and pretty layout) y’all are so popular is the good karma you put out! Thanks for the love! I’ve listed you on my blogroll and asked my (small but hopefully growing thanks in part to you) readership to follow you, too! Thanks again! – Tracy

  5. Jewel Fryer says:

    I’m now here because of my girl Tracy. If we don’t stick together and back each other up then it’s so much harder to kick ass.
    Thank you for doing this ladies. I’m taking notes and maybe I’ll join you someday.

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  7. Freddie Cook says:

    i used to be addicted to airsoft a couple of years ago. it is a great past time.~”‘