Nia Vardalos


image_2_biggerHave you seen her? She looks great, curvy and fit. We want to be curvy and fit and she’s the perfect inspiration. In this week’s People Magazine she says her exercise plan was walking! Yay.

She’s got a new movie out and she’s doing a press tour.  The photo on the left is from her Twitter page. We hope she doesn’t mind. Butwe just love that she’s on Twitter and that she’s touting walking. Here’s Nia making the case for a little break from action movies this summer.

On Good Morning Amercia she said she broke up with cheese for a while to lose her weight. (Remember when we broke up with our 2008 Diet?)  Anyway we couldn’t possible break up with cheese. We’re life partners. So the cheese stays but the walking we can do.

So check out Nia’s gorgeous looks to get some inspiration for your walk today. Opa!


One Response to “Nia Vardalos”
  1. Rosy Villa says:

    Love it! That’s an excellent idea-broking up with “?”. But, the problem is I have some list. The good news, I love to walk. It does clear my head and new ideas are always popping up. Thanks!!!