One Day Off the Wagon


I swear this is what happened yesterday. Six weeks of good choices trashed in one day.
Diet Wagon
off the diet wagon

So I’m trying mightily to pull it back together today. I’m drinking water and NOT weighing myself. I’m doing chores, I’m reminding myself how far I’ve come. What do YOU do to stop a backslide? (And yes I grew horns on my head overnight, so not only do I feel large, I have no idea how to incorporate the horns into my sassy bob hairdo.)


9 Responses to “One Day Off the Wagon”
  1. Dave Kroske says:

    Don’t sweat it. I strongly doubt you’ve developed kankles overnight. I’ve fallen off many wagons and have managed to get back on. Think of it as an unexpected detour on your journey. Your destination hasn’t changed, you just need to make a course correction to take your present circumstances ito account. Stay on target and enjoy the scenery of the detour!

  2. sizzle says:

    When I feel myself backsliding I cook a delicious, healthy meal, avoid all alcohol and get some exercise (with a friend makes it more fun).

  3. I just act as though it didn’t happen. I might up my exercise for a week as penance, but otherwise I just get right back on the wagon and know that the following day/week will be better.

  4. Nicole M. says:

    Post a picture of your fat self on the fridge. I swear you’ll never go for that ice cream if you have to look at your fat pic every time.

  5. diane says:

    on atkins? throw all sugar in your house away! and go for a really long run (walk…elliptical session, whatever) to remind yourself how much work it takes to look great. you’ll sweat off those cankles in no time!

  6. TexasDeb says:

    Pfft – amateurs. I have been OFF the wagon for oh, about mumblety months now and find the best way to disguise horns is to glue dot a small flower on one (careful not to send some culturally inappropriate message with which side you choose). The glue dot allows you to swap out the flowers so you can color coordinate with your muu-muu and/or caftan choice for the day. For really dressy occasions, think rhinestones or sequins. But…tastefully, please. This is about enHANcing the horns, not tarting it up.

  7. Karen says:

    Don’t think of it as falling off the wagon and doing something wrong, think of it as a temporary reward for doing a great job for 6 weeks. Then tomorrow take a nice long walk in your favorite location as a reward for continuing your next 6 weeks! If you feel negative about the bump, it will affect your outlook on the whole process and you are more likely to lose it again. Think that you deserve one day(as a limit) for a job well done.

  8. Greta I’m with you. I don’t even want to admit to all your readers what I ate yesterday it’s so awful. I just need to pretend it didn’t happen because guilt will only lead to more binging. What gets me reinvigorated is noticing all the obese people when I’m out. I do not want to end up like that!


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