Home (Water) Drinking Game


So a lot of times we binge drink alone, at home, when we’re supposed to be watching the kids. Of course we’re talking about drinking our water. The makers of the highly popular Office Drinking Game now bring you the home version of the game called the, uh, Home Drinking Game. (We’re inventors not marketers if we were savvy marketers this game would be called How to Get Rich and Thin and George Clooney Without Leaving Your Kitchen! But we’re not so it’s called the Home Drinking Game.) Here’s how we can help make getting in that 4,000 ounces of water, or 64 ounces or whatever, fun. If you’d like to put it on the fridge.. look it’s the printable Home Drinking Game!

OBJECT: Drink all your water!home-drinking-game
Drink = Reasonable sip
Kill it = Finish whatever you’ve got in your bottle/glass


1. Someone calls or emails you. Drink.
2. You let the dog/cat out. Drink.
3. You let the dog/cat in. Drink.
4. The buzzer on the dryer goes off. Drink.
5. You mean to turn off the t.v. but accidentally don’t and watch an hour of Golden Girls. Kill it.
6. A newscaster says “from Wall Street to Main Street.” Drink.
7. You get a call from your kids school. Kill it.
8. (For this next one you have to call your “Gayle.”) When Oprah’s on and they show her shoes and she’s pointing her foot up with her legs crossed, you yell, Pumps! The last one to yell it has to drink.
9. You decide to paint the ceiling in the kitchen. Kill it.
10. You pick up dirty socks. Drink.
11. Call your hubby and scream SOCIAL! Drink.


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