Jenny McCarthy and Lose for Good


We’ve been telling you about Lose for Good for the last few days. Weight Watchers is helping it’s members lose weight and at the same time raising money and food for families in need. Here’s the deal – you go to your Weight Watchers meeting and bring a food donation. Not only will YOU be helping but Weight Watchers is donating up to $1-million dollars to Share Our Strength and Action Against Hunger.

So how do we know all about this? Well Weight Watchers chose Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat? as a blog champion for this community effort. We were honored to travel to Los Angeles to meet the CEO of Weight Watchers, David Kirchhoff, and the spokesperson for Lose for Good – Jenny McCarthy. And in the spirit of Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat?

Here’s my Top Five Tips for Standing Next to Jenny McCarthy in a Photograph

rebecca-in-la1. Suck it in – suck it WAY in.
2. Make sure your roots are done.
3. Wear your glasses so you can tell yourself that dark circles/wrinkles are invisible.
4. Don’t wear the same t-shirt as movie star you are about to meet. (We have a Lose for Good t-shirt but it doesn’t have the same effect as when Jenny wears hers.)
5. Crop the photo to obscure “actual size.”
(I have no explanation on why I chose to wear Hunger-Monster-Orange.)

Over the next few weeks we’ll introduce you to the other blog champions for Lose for Good and some great Weight Watcher Leaders who led the charge against hunger during last year’s Lose for Good campaign. And as a special bonus:

Top Three Tips for Standing Next to Weight Watchers CEO David Kirchhoff in a Photograph


1. Stand up straight, tip-toe if posssible. Mr. Kirchhoff is tall.

2. Study your points values because there could be a pop quiz.

3. Explain at length how you didn’t intentionally dress like The Hunger Monster and go on and on about it because certainly CEO’s of companies have extra time to hear long rambling explanations about the shirt you’re wearing and how you probably should have worn that other thing you packed for your first trip to L.A.

In case you think I exaggerate…

hunger-monster Now go Lose for Good!


8 Responses to “Jenny McCarthy and Lose for Good”
  1. The Hunger Monster, nom, nom, nom!! ;p

    I think you should also add, “Bend down to everyone else’s height, so that you do not look like an Amazon Woman” to the standing next to Jenny list. Because apparently, I didn’t get that memo.

  2. GretaKiki says:

    You want to be shorter and I want to be taller!

  3. christieo says:

    OK HILARIOUS! hunger monster! i would have never thought of that! you’re too funny. anyhoo, so so excited about doing this with weight watchers and the sisterhood, looks like you all had a great time out there!

  4. Ok, so you look great. Hunger Monster orange is hilarious!

    I gotta admit I love that monster. When he types on the pizza like a laptop… Oh man, I lose it.

  5. jen (@bwJen) says:

    I totally love this campaign!! It is such a great cause and I am proud of my friends who were chosen to represent the blog world! BTW I love you shirt! Great color and I think it is great that your shirt is the same color as the hungry monster! It gives you something to laugh about! and make us laugh about!

    I already signed up with the Sisterhood girls for their shrinking challenge!

  6. Kathy says:

    And here I thought you wore that color because it looks GREAT on you, and it was for the Hunger Monster !


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