Diabetes Act Now


Fat Fighter TVFat Fighter TV has a great and important post about Diabetes. November is Diabetes Awareness Month and it’s a good reminder that all this dieting stuff is about Health Not Weight!! 


4 Responses to “Diabetes Act Now”
  1. patsy says:

    I just had a checkup at the doctor and was told very emphatically. YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYMORE WIGGLE ROOM. meaning of course, my sugar went up, my cholesterol was not good and my bp was high, and just to add fuel to the fire I gained 3 lbs. Now I am really scared but I can’t seem to get on track. My biggest problem is I hate to cook for mytself. My husband travels a lot so I am alone when it comes to eating. anyone have a similar problem and how do you handle it. thanks for any suggestions

  2. Caramoan says:

    Diabetes can be prevented by just having a physically active lifestyle. Just exercise everyday and avoid eating too much. Avoid sweets and high carb foods too.

  3. Esme Fisher says:

    With current advances in stem cell research, it won’t be long before we can find a permanent cure for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. ,

  4. Romualdo Poleate says:

    Hi DAN (Diabetes ActNow),
    Is the TV commercial for diabetesactnow.org, where the husband/father has a near heart attack at a commencement or graduation online? I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and a point was made that was similar to my case in that commercial. I have been hoping to catch it when aired again, but haven’t had any luck. I want my family to see it. Can you help me with a website where we can watch it together. Thank you in advance for any information you can answer with back to me.

    Romualdo Poleate – Hi314itm@aol.com