Formerly Hot


Formerly the star of GLEE! (Rebecca is the second smokin' hot show choir babe from the left. Circa 1985)

We’ve got a new blog crush and thy name is Formely Hot. Stephanie Dolgoff is the currently witty and formerly hot author of the cheeky site. It’s about dealing with aging, fading hotness, donkeys, and the shock over the fact  American Girl  insists that 1974 is history. We absolutly loved it until we realized that Stephanie has a scorching new book coming out that we wish we wrote.
Then all of a suddenly we were all Formerly Not Jealous! Yeah that’s right. Our Formerly Magnanimous Towards All Sister Writers Attitude evaporated as fast as our Former Commiment to Working on Our Core each day. But then we took a breath and realized we were being SO Nelly Olson. So we’re cool again. Seriously Stephanie captures that feeling of not old and not young perfectly. If you’re stuck between Forever 21 and Sag Harbor check out Formerly Hot. You’ll laugh until your tears wash away your lip plumping gloss. (It burns it burns!)


Formerly weighed less then a cheerleading uniform. (Robin)


Formerly able to spend TWO HOURS getting ready. (Check the totally rad aqua contacts w/matching shadow. Circa 1986)

Formerly comfortable wearing two-piece swimwear. (Circa 1976 - which is NOT historical.)

 In the spirite of Formerly Hot what Formerly are you?   



3 Responses to “Formerly Hot”
  1. Char Shadler says:

    Hi! I’m formerly JUST PANTYHOSE…..not pantyhose with reinforced waist and thighs to “hold in your problem areas” that come in NUDE, CREAM OR VARICOSE VEIN PURPLE (to camouflage the roadmap on your legs!). I’m friends with FORMERLY MAKE-UP……who needs “foundation that conceals all those imperfections, hides your adult onset acne, firms you chin and diminishes crow’s feet”?????????????

  2. admin says:

    Char – love it!


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