Dueling Banjo Breakfasts



Yeah it feels like deliverance. One one side there was the diet study in 2008 that said a big-arse breakfast was THEE way to go for successful weight loss. (Cue banjo music, neh neh neh neh neh neh neh neh neh.) The study indicated that a big breakfast helped women lose weight. Like we mean a coffee, meat, cheese, and whole grain toast WITH buttah. We’re talking 600 calories ‘n junk.

Then LAST week another study that said nu’unh. (do do do do do – that’s the other banjo) This latest study said if you add, say, a 400 calorie breakfast that’s like adding 400 calories to your day. So yeah – no duh? It showed that if you add calories you ADD calories and that a big breakfast diet only works if you keep steady caloric intake all day. In other words if you eat 400 calories in the morning, 400 for lunch, AND 400 for dinner you’re on target at 1200 a day. BUT if you add 400 in the morning on top of your 600 at lunch and 600 at dinner it’s like you’re eating 1600 calories because um -you are.

We we weigh in – here’s who can eat what and still maintain a trim waistline.

Doughnuts – 17 year old boys who play sports and are also fidgety can eat a doughnut and be thin.
Bacon– Everything is better with bacon. Unless you’re a vegan and then this would be an awful choice.
White Bread Toast – If you live in the 1950s you’re probably enjoying that white bread. The rest of you? Come on. At least get some whole wheat in there.
Count Chocula – It’s like frosting in a bowl. And who doesn’t like that? Although WE prefer us some A – is for Apple Jacks and are in a twelve step program to work through it.
Egg white and Positive Affirmation– Yep if you’re a woman over 40 – well live it up sista! Enjoy that egg white and tell yourself it’s all ya need. Now go take on the day.

P.S. We’d like extra bonus points for referencing Count Chocula and Deliverance in one blog post.

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