Jennifer Aniston Made Me Buy This


You’ve seen Jennifer Aniston wear the long sweater or duster as they’re called?

For some reason I believed buying a similar long sweater or duster would be stylish or perhaps make people believe they were looking at Jennifer Aniston. So I bought this thing several years ago.

Instead of making me look like Aniston this sweater has been nothing but misery.First up, when do you wear it? I tried wearing it indoors. Too hot. I tried wearing it outdoors and it looks like I’m wearing my robe to the kids soccer game. Further if you wear it as a coat and then take it off when you get inside you lose the whole point of having a sweater like this  – which is to disguise stuff. It appears the only proper time to wear this thing would be while making a guest appearance on Friends. So I’ve missed the boat with it.

Then there’s this little soul crushing aspect of my Jennifer Aniston Sweater Duster thingy. The size.

Can you see that tag? It says P/L. I think that stands for Petite Large. I don’t need that in my life. What this tag really says  is the truth. I’m short AND wide. Great. It’s going to Goodwill.

Have you ever been inspired to buy an article of clothing based on Jennifer Aniston? How’d that work out? Or maybe another celebrity style icon? Share with me so I know I’m not the only one. Surely someone else has made a celebrity inspired fashion misstep?

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