Cook, Treadmill, Repeat


Ya ‘member how Paula Deen is my idol? Well..

Paula Deen is hosting a contest called the Real Woman of Philadelphia. At first I thought I was SO not qualified to enter this contest since I’m from Toledo, but then I realized it was Philadelphia Cream Cheese. It started to make more sense to me. I do know Philadelphia Cream  Cheese. Many of my recipes include PCC. (See I’m like Rachel Ray with the Evoo.)

I convinced myself I could be Paula Deen’s Vickie Lawrence and to do that I had to cook on video. I’ve never done that before. The result is below. 

I warn you this is NOT diet food. You’ll see that fitting Football Mom’s Philly Chicken Puffs into a diet will require some serious time on the treadmill! But life is about balance and your life must have room for a puff! Here’s my video:

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