Apparently we are the ONLY ones who hate our arms. We are the only ones looking for spring/summer clothing that isn’t tube toppish, strappy, or sleeveless. Why do we say this? Because every single store we go into seems to have “showing off your arms” as the misssion of every single item of clothing.

We’d like to emphatically state some things about our arms.

1. They are not toned. It’s not so much the top of them but the waddly undercarriage. This area of our body (which never sees the sun) has somehow managed to age to the point of 90-year old grandmother.

2. Here’s the upside to having arms that say 90-Year-Old Grandmother. When observers observe your arms and then the rest of you they say, “WOW! She looks GREAT for 90!”

3. Arm hate is not self hate. Got it? Just because we’re not 100-percent in love with our arms and choose to hide them does not mean we lack confidence. Please don’t feel the need to re-assure us. We’re okay. We believe we are powerful, attractive, and valuable members of society. We just happen to think our arms – and really mostly just  the under area above the elbow – aren’t pretty.

4. We are not doing push ups. We know you’re going to say “do something about it.” But we don’t want to do push ups so just shush.Plus our arms are functional. In other words, they work just fine for everyday activity so we’re not THAT worried about our arms to make THAT much of an effort.

5. We ARE going to be pro-active.  We’re going to seek out lovely and fashionable items for the summer that cover the upper arm region. We are also going to share these selections with you. Of course based on what’s offered to the fashion buying public right now, demographics would indicate we’re the only customer in the world interested in sleeves. We’re starting a sleevefull? sleevemore? movement. Okay Sleevemore Fashion we think is the opposite of Sleeveless Fashion.

6. If YOU hate your arms join us! If you are, like us, beautiful, strong, and fashionable share your upper arm fashion finds. Snap a picture and send it to Give a sister a hand with her arms under the subject Sleevemore!

 Here’s our first Kudo – to Target. We think this dress says summer AND we can confidently wear it while still hiding our least favorite figure area.

So email us a pic when you find something that covers up a little on top – go SLEEVEMORE!

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