Swimsuit Shopping Sucks


That is all – it sucks okay? Please go about your business and know that we think swimsuit shopping sucks. Is it just us?

Oh and here’s what we think about stinking Tankinis.


4 Responses to “Swimsuit Shopping Sucks”
  1. Mindy says:

    Amen! Even when you’ve lost weight and are in the best shape of your life, an afternoon of swimsuit shopping will reduce you to a pile of insecurities and hating your body. Oh wait, that’s just me?

  2. Laugh It Off Ladies says:

    Thank you Mindy – it’s good to know others feel us on this one!!

  3. Thomas says:

    I don’t have to buy those swimsuits but I have gone with my wife enough to be able to agree that it really does suck. I go from enjoying my wife model to be drained from the hours spent looking for that right one.

  4. Laugh It Off Ladies says:

    Always a drama right Thomas!