Sleevemore Shapewear!


Sure we put shapewear on to contain our tummies and thighs but up to now we couldn’t find anything to firm up our LEAST favorite body part, our upper arms. As you recall here’s our campaign against sleeveless everythings called SLEEVEMORE. The main tenants being…

1. Arm Hate is Not Self Hate. Please don’t counsel us. We don’t like our upper arms but feel we are good, smart, funny, beautiful. We have a right to hate our upper arms so back off – this is America!

2. We are not doing push ups. We know you’re going to say “do something about it.” But we don’t want to do push ups so just shush.Plus our arms are functional. In other words, they work just fine for everyday activity so we’re not THAT worried about our arms to make THAT much of an effort.

3. If YOU hate your arms join us! If you are, like us, beautiful, strong, and fashionable share your upper arm fashion finds. Snap a picture and send it to Give a sister a hand with her arms under the subject Sleevemore!

Read the entire Sleevemore Manifiesto Here.

And because we want to help other Sleevemore Sisters – see #3 above – we’ve got a great new product review! We were given a new body shaper from Slimpressions!

 The Haves is a shapewear garment  that pulled everything from our tummy to our flappy upper arms together! It not only eliminated extra jiggle and helped us feel all tucked in it ALSO was comfortable. What WHAT? Yep. It didn’t hurt to wear. What’s more we wore it while doing a lot activity and not once did anything pooch out, roll up, or explode from it’s moorings.

Here’s what we were wearing….

Look Ma! No escaping cudge! And I’m breathing too!

So pretty awesome right? Plus The Haves shapewear that we were given from Slimpressions is very lightweight.  Our Slimpressions shaper didn’t cause us to sweat to death (which is a nice feature on a garment.) We were outside in the sun running around coordinating stuff and never passed out once!

If you do decide to buy one that’s awesome. And here’s the disclaimer we were given ours to test but were not paid to say one thing or another. Like if there was shortness of breath or no visible containing of extra us we’d be all “meh” but there was a visible improvement so we’re happy to share.

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