Movies That Hold Up and Those That Don’t



Lately we’ve been talking about movies that hold up, that stand the test of time, and those that don’t. In the summer, with fewer TV options, we often go back to our favorite movies. It’s a constant source of dinner conversation, which movies hold up and which movies do not.


There are no hard and fast elements which transform a movie that was once good in your eyes to schlock today. But there are a few things that can date a movie. If Michael Douglas is the sex symbol/leading man, it’s an automatic DNHU (Does Not Hold Up) rating from our household film board.


Sometimes it is the soundtrack that wrecks a perfectly good movie. Take “Ladyhawke” this 1985 film stars a pre-bloated Rutger Hauer and an almost famous Michelle Pfieffer as cursed lovers. She’s a hawk by day he’s a wolf by night. Matthew Broderick helps …continue reading.

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