Research Shows I Was Right – Your Twitter Diet Helps You Lose!


SO today an article I was quoted in ran on the Huffington Post. I was very excited because it’s a story about how research is starting to come in that Twitter can help you lose weight!

You can read the article here.

I had ALMOST given up. I was starting to feel like Cassandra – someone who knew about how to lose weight with social media – but no one would listen! SO I got all down in the mouth. I was ABOUT to throw in the towel. And then the Huffington Post thing happened. And I remember. Never give up. NEVER!! Here’s my book if you want to learn how to use Twitter to lose.

Here’s me ALMOST giving up.  And then I didn’t. How does this relate to you? My reader? Here’s how – you can do this thing. You can be healthy. Start again. I am. xoxo







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