New Directions, New Challenges, New Certification


I have a goal list, not really a bucket list. I’m not really into jumping out of a plane or whatever you’d put on a bucket list. But I do have a goal list.

This year’s goal list (and for the last several years) is shoring up my credibility in the health and fitness arena. I am already writing here, in this book, and hosting a television show about it I feel I need to be more formally educated and credible. I am slowly leaning toward a New Direction. From just entertaining in the diet and fitness space to really motivating, counseling, and being knowledgeable.

So that meant a New Challenge, this. It’s a certification class for a Weight Loss Specialist. It is aimed at personal trainers, which I am not, but because of this blog and my show I do have an opportunity to interact with people who want diet and fitness advice. SO the National Academy of Sports Medicine offered me the class and I jumped at the chance.

There are 12 modules that cover everything from the psychology of weight loss to the best way to motivate someone to return to exercise. It took me several weeks to complete the online components of the class and then a fairly long test was given at the end. Some of the material I was very familiar with, others, in relation to specific training methods, co-morbidity related to obesity, and coaching someone through a plateau, were new.

I was nervous. I am 43 and haven’t been a student with tests to take since 1991 or so. But learning new things is important and I took the class. I would encourage any weight loss blogger, group fitness instructor, or personal trainer to take a look. It really helps you understand the science and the behavior of successful weight loss. It also helps you be sensitive to the new exercisers. I give it an enthusiastic thumbs up and have put my New Certification diploma on the fridge – like back in the day when I used to put up the kids’ artwork.

And that leads me back to the New Directions thing again.. Slowly I want to be more engaged in coaching people, my viewers, readers of this blog, I don’t know. I’ve been and will continue to focus on the humor and the foibles we all share on this journey to healthy living but more and more people are coming to me seeking. They want advice, support, direction. And I want to be able to give it in an informed and confident way. Which means I must continue to learn as well.

SO up next another certification. Since I believe that Mind (your motivation and thinking), Mirth (your enjoyment, happiness), Motion (your exercise) , Mates (your support system), and Mouth (your food) are all important components to your health. I’m working on shoring up my knowledge in all these areas. That’s what’s on my list the Goal not Bucket List.

I have a cooking segment on my show I’m looking at FOOD certification next and then I want to become certified to teach my favorite MOTION (exercise) techniques. I’ve set these goals for this year but I’m also working full time. So I have to be realistic, find things that fit in my life, and make it work. Like we all have to do, everyday.

That’s where I am in a season of  New Challenges and New Certifications so I can take this funny little diet blog and t.v. show in New Directions. I hope you’ll come with me.

Learn more here about the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Weight Loss Specialist Certification.


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