I Bet We Can Lose!


A few weeks ago I did a story on Diet Bet. It’s a fun idea. You bet a group of friends that you can lose 4% of your weight. Everyone puts in $30 bucks and after 4 weeks those that lose the 4% split the pot. Easy! Today I’m announcing my Diet Bet. I hope you play with me. I’m pledging my Diet Bet winnings and 10% of the pot to charity BUT you can do it for charity or to buy a cute new outfit or whatever you want. The idea is that we lose together.

Here’s my Diet Bet – we start the day after Valentine’s Day. 4% is SO doable – let’s bet!

And here’s an interview I did with the inventor of the Diet Bet – it’s fun but also – it works to motivate people to jump start their diets. Come one now- ┬álet’s lose together!


2 Responses to “I Bet We Can Lose!”
  1. Janet says:

    Those proverbial lsst 10 # grrrr…why won’t they com off. I’ve been a power walker for 2 years and lost 30#. Let’s hope this will send them away!

  2. Laugh It Off Ladies says:

    Do the bet with me Janet! I’ve got that same 10 to lose.