New Life Plan – Devoting Myself to the Carolina Shag


I’m a big fan of the author Dorothea Benton Frank. I read her first book when it came out years ago and have read her every summer since. Her main characters are real, funny, flawed, and not 20. I like that in a main character. Sometimes they have to lose weight, lose a man, or lose their inhibitions but whatever the conundrum it’s always a fun read. The stories are always set in the Low Country of South Carolina and they make this Northern gal think, how cool, to be from there.

Frank is one of my over 40 inspirations, which I’ve been collecting like I used to collect shoes. I love to find women thriving, hitting their stride, after their kids go off and do whatever they’re gonna do. It’s part of my mission to convince OTHER mammas that having grown children is GOOD. It means it’s YOUR TIME now!

Anyway, Frank has mentioned the Carolina Shag in her books a time or two. I generally thought I knew what the dance was, for that reason I never looked it up. This time while reading The Last Original Wife: A Novel – this summer’s fast beachy Dot Frank page turner – I decided to look up the Carolina Shag on You Tube.

I am obsessed. I’ve decided to quite my job, sell my house, and devote my life to becoming a PROFESSIONAL Carolina Shag Dancer. * Shagger? I don’t know that lingo yet. I’m new. But watch this video to see how cool it is. Also not so bouncy as to require an investment in jiggle control under garments.

*Disclaimer: I am in fact not quitting my job, mainly because say what you will about this economic recovery, I ALSO probably couldn’t sell my house. SO when I say “devote my life” I really mean watching a bunch of You Tube Videos while eating cookies from Kroger.

Here’s Dorothea Benton Frank’s latest. Check out her entire catalog, if you, like me, aren’t 22.

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