Saluting Kelly Ripa for her new bob haircut


For two days the internet has been freaking out over Kelly Ripa’s hair. It’s a bob.  Not even a particularly edgy bob. Just a nice, cute, bob.


Source: In Style

Here’s why people are freaking out, in my opinion. Because there are no other celebrities with haircuts or styles. They ALL have long wavy extensions. Young, old, A-List, Housewive of Wherever, they all have grown out their hair and slapped on the extensions. When Ripa got an actual hair style a starved public ate it up! We WANT hairstyles and there are none!

I don’t think just because you get to be over 35 you need to cut your hair. I DO think if you try to hang on to the locks you rocked from high school you look the opposite of young. SO when Kelly Ripa cut her hair, instead of looking “older” because she has a bob, she looks fresh, new, and confident!
I love a good cut and honestly celebrity hair dressers are letting us down right now.  There’s nothing out there to clip a picture of and take to the hair salon. Please celebrity stylists, help us find something new! We’re not interested in the “messy bun” or the “mermaid waves.” See we’re not 20 or even 30 anymore.
So Kelly I salute you for cutting that hair. You’ve lead the way! Cut your hair ladies. Demand a style from your stylist. Those overgrown extensions are boring and weird. There is nothing young about them.
And yes, I too rock the bob, PROUDLY!
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2 Responses to “Saluting Kelly Ripa for her new bob haircut”
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