In the last 36 hours my life has changed drastically. Back then, on Wednesday, the words punkin chunkin had no meaning; no context; nay, no importance.   Wednesday night, on an episode of the ABC sitcom “Modern Family,” the cast fashioned a slingshot that hurled a gourd across a football field. I was intrigued. Thursday […]

Husband: I have some good news. Robin: What? Husband: I’ve determined that our scale is 3 pounds heavy. Robin: For how long? Husband: It has been off for about 3 or 4 weeks and I checked it against the doctor’s scale. Robin: This reminds me why I married you. Husband: Happy Easter. So, two weeks […]

For me one downfall of dieting is it requires me to think about food. Sure I think about food, diet or not. I like food. Heck I more than like food. I have a crush on food. But when you’re counting calories or carbs or journaling or trying to eat 17 small meals a day thinking […]

The holidays are sometimes about people driving you nuts. But you don’t want to blow the diet. Join us in a cocktail after we decide which drinks are best on calories AND getting us through the gift exchange at  Calorie Lab.  Cheers.  

Click here to understand my basic problem with sending Christmas cards. And I totally meant to put Days of Christmas twice. It’s a song, you know? The 32 Days of Christmas, Days of Christmas. Shoobeedoobeedoo. (And two posts one morning is like a binge over here but we’re not done. Tune in later for the launch […]

Here is DAY 3’s TIP. Oops I numbered it wrong. Stupid counting. Tune in later for a December Resolutions Printable. I’m hard at work resolving.

On the first day of December my co-workers gave to me.. a plate of leftover Thanksgiving pie. Dangit! Welcome to December. Here at Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat? We believe holiday eating encompasses WAY more than the 12 Days of Christmas. We count 32 days of holiday eating between now and January 2. Let’s […]

Okay.. I overate. Big doodlewacking deal. It’s over I’m moving on. But I find I’m a tad bit unmotivated. What with the turkey still pulling me back to sleepy town and the house being a certified disaster I want to hide under a pile of couch pillows. SO I need to psyche myself into angelic, […]

There’s a theory of diet and weight loss that contends you shouldn’t let yourself get hungry. That if you get hungry you will overeat. I disagree. Sometimes hunger happens no matter what you’ve already eaten. I submit that if you are trying to lose weight there are times you are going to be hungry. Further, I submit that sometimes you have […]

So yesterday I posted the recipe for my Truvia Pumpkin Pie. I used Truvia so it’s sugar free AND it’s approximately 120 calories per slice if you slice it into eighths. It also tasted great. But how well does it stack it up against other pies? Go to  Fatfighter TV and you’ll be quite amazed. There’s a list of popular pies […]