Several scary reports have come out recently about the foods we eat.Let’s break this down – the scary news and how to make sure it doesn’t kill you or those you love or even those you like. Pink Slime Problem: There’s Pink Slime filler in some ground beef. Even when the label reads 100% ground beef. […]

1. I have always loved Barbara Cooper on One Day at a Time. 2. I have always loved Van Halen. 3. She’s 48. 4. She was 173 pounds. 5. She’s now in a bikini. 6. Motivation. 7. Shorts and bathing suit season. Tick tick tick. 8. Assigned reading for April 1st Oprah. 9. Since diet […]

Diet not going exactly right? Still concerned about wearing a bathing suit on the beach for Spring Break, even in the backyard? First up get yo’self a spray tan. Then pair that fabulous fat obscuring spray tan with The Eyeball Confusing Bathing Suit and Magic Cornea Beach Towel!® The whacked out stripes create confusion in the minds of […]

If this is your first visit to Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat, welcome!  There are plenty of blogs out there that will help you lose weight, what with the nutrition and exercise n’stuff, we’re here to help you laugh about it. We here for those days when you just can’t stand to eat […]

A study about how people perceive their weight suggests that if you’re worried about being fat all the time you’ll actually feel physically sick more often than cool people. The study was conducted by the DUH I COULD HAVE TOLD THEM THAT er, sorry it was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and published […]

According to the handwriting on the back of this photograph it was taken in July of 1944 somewhere in Toledo, Ohio. The beautiful young woman in the photograph is Mrs. Robert L. Gorrell and she is 23 years old. The apple cheeked baby is Robert L. Gorrell, Jr. or Bobby. He is 14 months old. […]

I mentioned how I was going to give up Diet Soda Pop? Well I’m on day thirteen. So far so good. Here’s my newspaper column this week on the shedding of this vice. Today’s a day for congratulating ourselves on our dieting accomplishments. Come on. You know you did well at something the last week. […]

Today on Fat Fighter TV were sticking with our Grandmother theme! There’s a new sensation on YouTube and it’s 93-year old Clara. She’s serving up food like they did during The Great Depression. Move over Rachel Ray, Clara’s giving you a run for your money. Seriously, We’re dusting off our Grandma Cecelia’s and Grandma Ellen’s recipes. Irish […]

Exercise is important to us and we’re innovators. So we bring you the Snuggie Workout. Step 1:Get yourself a Snuggie. Now. Step 2: Put on long johns, sweatpants, sweatshirt, and wool socks. Step 3: Place the television remote control on the carpet in front of the couch. (Not on nearby end table, that’s cheating.) Step 4:Get […]

How did your grandmother diet? I remember one of my grandmothers would eat cucumbers and ranch dressing for dinner until she lost what she wanted. My other grandmother had a list of “food exchanges” which even now are mystifying to me. My first diet successful/weight loss program involved gettting jilted by my boyfriend so I […]