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Over the years we’ve written quite a bit about Halloween. Take a look at Halloween for Dieters – From the Occasional Witch. (Hint Flying Monkeys are involved.) Then there’s the perrennially popular Slimming Halloween Costumes Dos and Don’ts.  And if you decide to just chuck it you might recogonize this rant from the Anatomy of a Binge.  […]

Certainly everyone knows that January 2 at any health club or gym is going to be busy. Getting a treadmill/eliptical is like a Hunger Games sort of contest. But surprise surprise the other busy day at the health club or gym is the first day of school! Right after the bus picks up the elementary […]

FIRST of all I’m official. As I blog and do more television in the health and fitness vein I felt the need to become more “official.” As such I recently became certified as a Fitness Nutrition Coach through NESTA – The National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association. With this and my Weight Loss Specialist certification I’m […]

The UP by Jawbone retails for around $129.00. Verizon provided mine for review on this blog. If you’re considering buying one visit Verizon online. If you like this post you might also like Snooze to Lose.

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It’s been a while since I’ve distilled diet research and the latest in weight loss science so booyah! Yep, The Dietologist is in the house. The most eye-catching study of note recently indicates diet soda or pop, as we middle of the country regular folks like to call, it is just as fattening as full-on […]

A new study offers hope about stress eating. It shows that people DO eat when they get stressed. No big surprise there. But what they choose to eat while stressed reflects what they always eat. It shows that what you’re in the habit of eating you’ll also grab when you’re stressing out. SO why is this […]

Was something stopping you today? Watch this.