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Over the years we’ve written quite a bit about Halloween. Take a look at Halloween for Dieters – From the Occasional Witch. (Hint Flying Monkeys are involved.) Then there’s the perrennially popular Slimming Halloween Costumes Dos and Don’ts.  And if you decide to just chuck it you might recogonize this rant from the Anatomy of a Binge.  […]

Certainly everyone knows that January 2 at any health club or gym is going to be busy. Getting a treadmill/eliptical is like a Hunger Games sort of contest. But surprise surprise the other busy day at the health club or gym is the first day of school! Right after the bus picks up the elementary […]

While we work to undo the last seven days (years) of holiday eating just a reminder this is a holiday week. #nationalbigsweaterweek Yes – it’s National Big Sweater Week. Join us and wear big sweaters all week. Because sometimes a little ribbon just won’t cover it. Join in by sharing this post and doing your […]

Since we’re getting close to the “big doomsday” I thought I’d remind you about the Doomsday Calendar and Day Planner. Still time to get it all done before the end! Remember the key to Half @assed Holidays is sort of planning and sort of not.

Here’s Day 2 in our Half @ssed Holidays! Is anyone else feeling like that dang Elf is a little too judgey?

From now until January 1st you probably need a little something EXTRA to get through the day. We know it. Family, home, chores AND now you have to buy, bake, and wrap stuff. Just to get through this next few weeks you have to half *ss some of these holiday commitments. (Secret Santa at work? […]

The conventional wisdom is that from Thanksgiving to January 1st there’s really not any point to dieting. Or if you don’t like the term diet, many people think it is impossible to “eat healthy” from November until the new year. But for the last few years I’ve done my very best  during the very worst time […]

One thing I know about it’s how to dress for your figure. This knowledge extends to how to dress on Halloween for your figure. There’s an old saying that costume parties are reasons to show nice areas of your physique that are not in fashion to show. This adage is old because it used to […]