The UP by Jawbone retails for around $129.00. Verizon provided mine for review on this blog. If you’re considering buying one visit Verizon online. If you like this post you might also like Snooze to Lose.

It’s been a while since I’ve distilled diet research and the latest in weight loss science so booyah! Yep, The Dietologist is in the house. The most eye-catching study of note recently indicates diet soda or pop, as we middle of the country regular folks like to call, it is just as fattening as full-on […]

A new study offers hope about stress eating. It shows that people DO eat when they get stressed. No big surprise there. But what they choose to eat while stressed reflects what they always eat. It shows that what you’re in the habit of eating you’ll also grab when you’re stressing out. SO why is this […]

There’s a new study from the University of Michigan that is showing promise in mice when it comes to weight loss. Apparently the mice who were given a medication normally prescribed for canker sores experienced significant weight loss. The drug is called Amlexanox just in case you already have it and want to give me some. (Tongue […]

A recent scientific study indicates that sugar can make you fat! Oh, wait, no that’s an old scientific study and what your grandma said a million times. The recent study has determined that sugar can make you dumb! UCLA researchers took a bunch of lab rats, fed them Count Chocula, and then asked them to […]

Several scary reports have come out recently about the foods we eat.Let’s break this down – the scary news and how to make sure it doesn’t kill you or those you love or even those you like. Pink Slime Problem: There’s Pink Slime filler in some ground beef. Even when the label reads 100% ground beef. […]

Sometimes when you’re at a plateau,a stomach virus worth a ten pound loss seems like a plan. See disclaimer.

This study made the news this week.  It says dieters who have a 600 calorie breakfast the included a cookie or cake lost more weight than the idiots who ate 300 calorie breakfast. Initially all study participants lost weight but in the SECOND half of the study dieters with the lower calorie and carbohydrate breakfasts […]

A while back we fake invented this…. You count on your fingers, you scribble on your datebook, you write it on your hand! Fiber, Fat, Calories, Points, Carbs! So many numbers you have to add to stay on your diet. But just think about it. Every single food item you purchase has a bar code. […]

There’s some recent research that suggests visualizing eating a snack or treat can help you beat the craving for the actual snack or treat. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (mmmmellonmelon) discovered that if people visualized eating 30 m&ms then are faced with ACTUAL M&Ms they eat fewer of the actual candies. This is good news for these guys.   […]