As you all know I love me some cheese! I was even a Real Women of Philadelphia finalist last year based on my love of cream cheesy dishes! I also love finding tasty foods that fit into my healthy diet. Enter Weight Watchers Cheeses! They combine my love of cheese with my love of fitting […]

  Before you binge printable

Nine Hershey’s Kisses® are 230 calories. I know this because I looked up the information before I ate nine Hershey’s Kisses®. I’m not telling you this because I want you to “cheat” or tempt you but I really wanted a treat the other day. I have been very “good” with my eating choices and I […]

The oddest thing happened the other night at dinner, but before I tell you let me set the table on my current “way of eating.” I’ve been very rigorous in adhering to my new Target BMR Diet. By rigorous I mean I write everything down, don’t cheat, snack on veggies with NO dipping sauce, and […]

Lately I’ve been very into eating like at my goal weight.  I’ve talked a lot about that before. In fact PRETENDING YOU’RE AT GOAL, to my mind, is the only way to have a little insurance against immediately gaining your weight back. My first step is the BMR number. This is the amount of calories you’d […]

*First Disclaimer: I want you know exactly my qualifications for writing about bond rating downgrades. I have a communications degree from 20 years ago. I have no idea what number on the cable the stock market shows are on. I only give a passing glance to my 401K statements. When I see that I lost money in there […]

A pal recently lamented the whole “journaling” aspect of successful dieting. It can be a drag. Whether you do it online or in a handy dandy notebook journaling CAN be a pain. SO we’re here to make a little more fun. Three Ways to Make your Food and Exercise Journal Fun! 1. Pretend your food/exercise […]

So the latest research isn’t good for drinking diet soda. Here’s a good explanation about the latest research.  Essentially mice who drink diet pop – gain weight. So HOW does a zero calorie diet drink make you fat? This quote from the article is what scares me… “Artificial sweeteners could have the effect of triggering appetite […]

Self Magazine has a great slide show right now  – 12 Ways to Think Like a Slim Person! Very nice advice and we highly recommend it. But what’s been going through OUR  minds is that we weighed in at Weight Watchers last week after a VERY long bingish Spring. It was disheartening. We are up. […]

Apparently there are 500 centers like this in China. There are two here in the U.S. So what do you think of acupressure/acupuncture type techniques for weight loss?