Your Twitter Diet is famous! Kinda. But how cool is this. A reporter in Phoenix did the story for his station and it ran on America Now with Leeza Gibbons and Bill Rancic. So excited for Your Twitter Diet – it just keeps plugging away!

SO today an article I was quoted in ran on the Huffington Post. I was very excited because it’s a story about how research is starting to come in that Twitter can help you lose weight! You can read the article here. I had ALMOST given up. I was starting to feel like Cassandra – […]

I took a screen shot – just to remember it forever. First – I closed in one of my idols Kindle titles – Hungry Girl. And then Your Twitter Diet hit #5! And as I was about to turn in after exciting night this happened. Your Twitter Diet hit #3!! I am so excited that […]

I am so excited to announce that you can now get a physical copy of Your Twitter Diet! I know some people just don’t do the eBook thing and so my publisher said lets make it available in paperback! And here it is! Still really affordable, less than 8 bucks on Amazon! And still a […]

If you got here from Fitbie – welcome! We’re having a Twitter Diet Party tonight at 8pmEST. Just use the hashtag #twitterdiet and you’re IN! It’s a great way to meet new diet buddies, share ideas, and stay motivated!

Here are some strategies and a printable on derailing the urge to binge eat. Here’s the risk when I say no TOO much. Don’t miss more diet and cooking with a dash of daffy on Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate.

Your Twitter Diet is on the front page of  iTunes Books today in Health, Mind, & Body. Right near Jackie Warner and Jennifer Hudson! Freakin’ my freak right out. And yes, I took a picture. Join us Thursday night at  8pm EST for a Twitter Diet Party to beat the band and connect to lose […]

I just wanted to point out a nice review from a GREAT diet blogger, Cammy from The Tippy Toe Diet. Cammy has lost 10o pounds and helps people do the same with her wonderful blog. I found her through Twitter by the way.  If you’ve never visited – you should! She loved the book and […]

I am not a fan of my before picture but recently asked me to share how I lost weight in 2011 and they wanted a before picture. It was the before picture that really started me down my recent path. So I submitted my before and after. They wanted to know my secret to […]

Here’s my story for 13ABC on my new book. It’s now available to download on all your eBook platforms.     Amazon Barnes & Noble Apple iBookstore Sony Reader Store