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Recently I was asked to try a whole new bunch of Weight Watchers Ice Cream. They sent me some samples. It was perfect timing because yesterday I had fifteen unfortunate minutes with a carton of ice cream and ruined my day. TODAY I challenged myself to use the ice cream to satisfy my danger binge […]

I had a really great opportunity this fall that I couldn’t talk about until today. I was hired by one of my favorite brands to do commercials! Weight Watchers Cheese asked me to be in the first ever commercials they’ve done for the product. It was a new experience for me since I haven’t acted […]

Last week Weight Watchers Cheese selected me to help represent the product at the National Harbor Food and Wine Festival. I jumped at the chance of course because I love cheese! I love wine! I love Weight Watchers and I love harbors! Okay I just added the harbor part to keep this love thing going. […]

I had a great opportunity to talk to Cooking Light ® Magazine’s Chef Billy Strynkowski! More to come but here’s how he’s using Weight Watchers Smoked String Cheese and he reveals a great alternative to sugar. I am a compensated brand ambassador for Weight Watchers Cheese. And my flip flops match my shirt perfectly, which is […]

If you haven’t rolled out the grill it’s time people. Especially for this! I’m in love. Don’t forget to get the light hamburger buns so you keep the calories at a low 266 for this totally filling perfect for grilling burger. Click for the recipe. Italian Turkey Burgers I am a paid brand ambassador for Weight […]

Excuse me? This is ridiculous. Less than 200 calories and dessert! I LOVE it. Here’s the recipe and this is one you can really play around with to make your own. Maybe switch out the berries with your favorite?? Or not. It’s darned perfect just the way it is. Here’s the 196 calorie recipe. Ice Cream […]

This is easy as can be man. Just don’t stab yourself, other than that perfectly low degree of difficulty. If you’re a gardener you know you’re going to have cherry tomatoes growing out your ears. This is the perfect way to use them. Three PointsPlus® only 120 Calories. Chef Billy from Cooking Light® passed these out […]

  Easy and light dinner entree – we’re talking under 315 calories. Click for the printable PDF recipe! Creamy Herb & Garlic Chicken over Steamed Vegetables I am a paid brand ambassador for Weight Watcher’s Cheese. They created and shared this recipe for me to share with you!          

Weight Watchers Baked Mozzarella Sticks with Spicy Tomato Dipping Sauce Serves: 4 Serving size: 2 mozzarella sticks plus ½ cup sauce Weight Watchers® PointsPlus® value: 3 per serving Prep time: Sauce: 2 minutes Mozzarella sticks: 10 minutes Cook time: Sauce: 12 minutes Mozzarella sticks: 8 minutes Recipe after the jump.