Meykala Diehl, Miss Indiana USA, talks about capturing the national spotlight when she appeared in a swimsuit in the Miss USA Pageant. If she’s normal than so is Wonder Woman! Toledo (OH) News, Weather and Sports

I’ve been non-bloggy lately. I’m not promising daily posts BUT I am working on my fitness and well let’s be honest WEIGHT! I’ve got a few lbs to drop and nothing could be more annoying. My only defense is humor SO join me here, on FACEBOOK, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. I may not lose weight […]

For two days the internet has been freaking out over Kelly Ripa’s hair. It’s a bob.  Not even a particularly edgy bob. Just a nice, cute, bob. See? Source: In Style Here’s why people are freaking out, in my opinion. Because there are no other celebrities with haircuts or styles. They ALL have long wavy […]

This post made it to the front page of Yahoo Shine a few years ago – to mixed results. Most people got the humor, others felt I was making too much fun of my fat. That’s not true. I’m laughing WITH my fat. Not at it. I’m not saying you have to do this. This is just what […]

Sure we put shapewear on to contain our tummies and thighs but up to now we couldn’t find anything to firm up our LEAST favorite body part, our upper arms. As you recall here’s our campaign against sleeveless everythings called SLEEVEMORE. The main tenants being… 1. Arm Hate is Not Self Hate. Please don’t counsel […]

That is all – it sucks okay? Please go about your business and know that we think swimsuit shopping sucks. Is it just us? Oh and here’s what we think about stinking Tankinis.

Apparently we are the ONLY ones who hate our arms. We are the only ones looking for spring/summer clothing that isn’t tube toppish, strappy, or sleeveless. Why do we say this? Because every single store we go into seems to have “showing off your arms” as the misssion of every single item of clothing. We’d […]

Dancing with the Stars is in full swing again and really it combines two things I’m interested in, losing weight and tanning. I also like sequins and it has tons of those. Marie Osmond says Dancing with the Stars AND Nutri-System helped her shed 40 pounds, it looks like Kirstie Alley is shrinking before our eyes! I […]

You’ve seen Jennifer Aniston wear the long sweater or duster as they’re called? For some reason I believed buying a similar long sweater or duster would be stylish or perhaps make people believe they were looking at Jennifer Aniston. So I bought this thing several years ago. Instead of making me look like Aniston this […]

Winner Update:  Barbara O is the winner! Her number was picked by Random.Org. PLUS we want to know where she got the sweater she mentioned in her comment. Don’t forget to email us your address at so you get your copy of Charla’s book! Congrats. Read Barbara’s comment below along with the other great […]