Recently, a YouTube video circulated of a woman texting while walking in the mall. She proceeded to fall into a mall water fountain. It was hilarious and potentially dangerous — like all good YouTube videos. In the wake of the knee-slappingly funny personal injury lawsuit waiting to happen, several legislators have stepped in to make […]

Forever Lazy takes comfy lounge wear up a notch! If you’ve mastered theSnuggie Workout  you need to level up and begin the Forever Lazy Workout and don’t miss Step 10 below where we go from workout to work it girl! Yep Day-to- Night looks down there in Step 10. Step 1. Get you a Forever Lazy© Full […]

We just stepped on the scale. It’s not good. SO while we work to undo the last seven days of holiday eating we’re creating a new national holiday. Yes – it’s National Big Sweater Week. Join us and wear big sweaters all week. Because sometimes a little ribbon just won’t cover it.

Since the beginning of time women have endured corsets, girdles, Spanx and, as they’re called today, “shapewear.” The point of all these undergarments is to flatten some stuff. Now a new development on the shapewear front: Men, there’s way for you to experience the joys of undergarments that squeeze the potatoes out of you! Let […]

Halloween is around the corner, and of all the suggestions for columns that I get, one that pops up often is how old is too old to go trick-or-treating? My opinion — you’re never too old. Here is the criterion in my book: If you make an effort to wear a costume and say, “Trick-or-treat,” […]

Halloween is fast approaching and we’re here to help. Just in case you’re not “at goal” by October 31st we’re going to outline a few strategies to look slimmer. Who cares if you are slimmer as long as you appear slimmer. These costumes will make you appear thinner: Slutty Witch – Hitch up the girls […]

Recently we got a chance to see this Shellac Nail Polish. It works like crazy. Take a look and visit CND to find out where it is near you.

Diet not going exactly right? Still concerned about wearing a bathing suit on the beach or even in the backyard? First up get yo’self a spray tan. Then pair that fabulous fat obscuring spray tan with The Eyeball Confusing Bathing Suit and Magic Cornea Beach Towel!® The whacked out stripes create confusion in the minds of all who view […]

Amidst scouring the internet/mall/closest Toys for Tots bin for the best holiday sales, we all have a decision to make. What are we going to wear for Christmas/hanukkah/Kwanza/New Year’s Eve/53 Days ‘Til President’s Day? Despite declaring that we were not going to have another fat christmas…we feel like there’s at least a possibility that we could […]

This week I got a little Oprah time. The Oprah topic I caught was how your accessories could make you younger and slimmer and quite possibly change your life. I’m so in. Here’s how it goes down; style experts go out on the street armed with cameras to dissect the fashion choices of random women […]