It’s been a while since I’ve distilled diet research and the latest in weight loss science so booyah! Yep, The Dietologist is in the house. The most eye-catching study of note recently indicates diet soda or pop, as we middle of the country regular folks like to call, it is just as fattening as full-on […]

You know that thing where you keep running/walking/tread­milling/ biking or whatevering for 30 to 45 minutes a day every few days and nothing changes? I have that thing. It’s called a curse.   You know that other thing where you pass 40 and your body gets tired/ lumpy/and tired? I have that thing. It’s called […]

    Over the course of the last 700 years, my local Kroger has been undergoing renovation. It is now the biggest Kroger in all of North America and Michigan. The new Kroger, of course, has groceries, but it is so huge it also now has clothes, shoes, furniture, jewelry, a Starbucks, a sushi bar, […]

If there were a fire at your house, what would you save? Of course the kids, pets, your phone, computer and pictures — for sure pictures. But because that’s the obvious stuff, we’re going to leave that off the list. If there were a fire at my house, I’d grab my 30-cup electric percolating coffee […]

Every once in a while I feel it’s my duty to call bull pucky (but not pucky) on Sarah Jessica Parker. This is one of those once in a whiles. Sarah Jessica Parker has informed the media that high heels have ruined her feet. What in the Square Pegs? In case you’re not up on […]

Recently the woman known to millions of readers as Dear Abby died. Pauline Phillips was 94 and wrote Dear Abby for 44 years. Her sister, Esther (Eppie) Friedman Lederer, known as Ann Landers, also wrote an advice column. She died in 2001. I’ve been writing this humor column for more than four years and sometimes […]

I recently bought a small house plant for decorative purposes. It is unassuming and sits on a table next to a chair under a window. Every person who’s come into my home has noticed the plant. “Is that fake?” they ask in a worried tone. I let them know that it is indeed real. Then […]

After nearly 22 years of marriage, my husband and I recently faced a significant challenge to our union. It’s an event that is known to rent families asunder. I’m talking about a trip to Ikea to purchase a couch. We are not a couple who quits on a couch just because it has a little […]

I don’t keep a diary but because of this column I have a record of what I thought, observed or lost my temper over this year. 2012, you were weird. In January, in the category of, no duh, it was revealed Paula Deen had diabetes. The universe blamed her for all diabetes as a result. […]

So it’s clear social networks are a hit. People like them — they really really like them. One billion people are on Facebook. Millions use Pinstagram and Twitter. In three short years Instagram went from Instawhatagain — to millions of users. We like connecting online and on our smart phones. We like sharing thoughts and […]