I’m a big fan of the author Dorothea Benton Frank. I read her first book when it came out years ago and have read her every summer since. Her main characters are real, funny, flawed, and not 20. I like that in a main character. Sometimes they have to lose weight, lose a man, or […]

13abc.com: Breaking News, Weather and Sports Thank you to Dave’s Running Shoes for helping me in this segment AND for the LOL moment at the end.

  I realize that the common advice for getting more activity is TAKE THE STAIRS! And the ever popular PARK FAR AWAY! I truly believe that if God wanted me to park FAR AWAY he would have never blessed me with the closest spot. Further. Parking spots close to the store entry are an omen […]

13abc.com: Breaking News, Weather and Sports

After work, after errands, after laundry, I was tired. It wasn’t yet dinner. Everything in me said have a sugary treat and lay down. Just a  little nap would be perfect before it’s time to fix dinner. But I did not. I grabbed a small bit of protein snack (thin turkey slice) and lifted weights […]

Every diet and fitness expert will tell you that getting moving is SO important. Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight MOTION is key. But you have to be consistent. It’s a lot easier to be consistent if you’re having fun and enjoying a little variety. We give you hula hooping for fitness! This […]

*First Disclaimer: I want you know exactly my qualifications for writing about bond rating downgrades. I have a communications degree from 20 years ago. I have no idea what number on the cable the stock market shows are on. I only give a passing glance to my 401K statements. When I see that I lost money in there […]

It’s a classic that always makes me laugh. And it’s all the exercise I’m getting today. I loved zeez so much I hit my heart with my feest and zen raised eet to zee sky. (Turning off French accent now.) The hilarious Laura Landauer sent it. I almost didn’t put it up because I was […]

I have 27 days until a big event. An event where I want to look nice. If I’ve learned anything from The Biggest Loser it’s that I should be able to lose 50 pounds in that amount of time being in my 40s it’s that I am wise and stuff. SO I’m going to use all my […]