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13abc.com: Breaking News, Weather and Sports I had a chance to try a new way to challenge you to get your steps in called the Walkadoo. Walkadoo works with a lot of step counters and smart fitness devices. I had it connected to the adorable Pepple. I’ve tried a lot of fitness trackers and for […]

13abc.com Toledo (OH) News, Weather and Sports If you’re looking for delicious ideas while watching your calories and great suggestions for burning it off check out the cookbook at the link below.

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The Gameshow Network is looking for offices that want to get healthy together – is that you? Here’s casting info for their new show. Give it a go office peeps! Are you and your coworkers struggling to lose weight? Do you need a cash incentive to get off the couch? If you’re ready to put […]

  There’s a lot of research to suggest that there is no rule about water. You’re supposed to drink it for health but there’s no amount that will guarantee success. Some say drink eight eight ounces glasses a day, and include juice or other non-caffienated drink in that total. Here’s what “they” say about it. […]

Over the years we’ve written quite a bit about Halloween. Take a look at Halloween for Dieters – From the Occasional Witch. (Hint Flying Monkeys are involved.) Then there’s the perrennially popular Slimming Halloween Costumes Dos and Don’ts.  And if you decide to just chuck it you might recogonize this rant from the Anatomy of a Binge.  […]

Post by Rebecca Regnier.