I love this chat to catch up with Brittany Gibbons. She’s a busy woman. She explains how her dreams are coming true and what she says could help your dreams come true too! For the links we discuss visit here! 13abc.com Toledo (OH) News, Weather and Sports

You’ve seen the t-shirt turned into a bag idea on Pinterest? This week Brittany and I test it! (Mostly Brittany) Does it pass the Pin Test? 13abc.com: Breaking News, Weather and Sports        

Does wearing a bathing suit in public fill you with dread? It does for many of us. Manly because the images we always see in magazines are of supermodels in swimsuits. Rarely do you see a real woman in a magazine in her swimsuit. Which is the point of Swimsuit Confidence Week, brought to you […]

Are you an emotional eater? Some confessions about when and why we eat and how to stop it on this week’s Weigh In Segment of Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate.  

We’re talking diet buddies. Do you have one? Meet mine and find out how to pick a great diet BFF!

This is blogging superstar Brittany Gibbons. I’m lucky enoughto have her living in my neck of the woods. Because of that proximity she’s going to be what I like to call “The Center Square” on my new show Full Plate. She’ll add her brand of wit to the show in our Weigh In Segment.  This fall Brittany did […]