I’ve been non-bloggy lately. I’m not promising daily posts BUT I am working on my fitness and well let’s be honest WEIGHT! I’ve got a few lbs to drop and nothing could be more annoying. My only defense is humor SO join me here, on FACEBOOK, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. I may not lose weight […]

Your Twitter Diet is famous! Kinda. But how cool is this. A reporter in Phoenix did the story for his station and it ran on America Now with Leeza Gibbons and Bill Rancic. So excited for Your Twitter Diet – it just keeps plugging away! AmericaNowNews.com

They’re easy, durable, and adorable. Take a look at a Jamberry Nails Demo. 13abc.com Toledo (OH) News, Weather and Sports

13abc.com: Breaking News, Weather and Sports

This guy KNOWS how to inspire, motivate, and teach wellness. Take a listen to Pete Thomas on Full Plate. 13abc.com: Breaking News, Weather and Sports Pete’s Website

Certainly everyone knows that January 2 at any health club or gym is going to be busy. Getting a treadmill/eliptical is like a Hunger Games sort of contest. But surprise surprise the other busy day at the health club or gym is the first day of school! Right after the bus picks up the elementary […]

I love Ellie Krieger. She’s working with Kellog’s and they offered me the opportunity to interview her about small changes that add up to better health. 13abc.com: Breaking News, Weather and Sports

My youngest son is about to leave for the second year of his college education. Many of my friends are in a similar position, about to send the kid­dies off to the meat grinder that is “almost real life.” A lot of moms of younger chil­dren, you know cute little ones, are looking at me […]

FIRST of all I’m official. As I blog and do more television in the health and fitness vein I felt the need to become more “official.” As such I recently became certified as a Fitness Nutrition Coach through NESTA – The National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association. With this and my Weight Loss Specialist certification I’m […]

My dad invented the selfie. At the the end of every roll of film from a birthday, a vacation or holiday, my dad would take a picture of himself. This started in the late ’60 all the way up to the mid-2000s. My dad is a handsome guy and it was agreed throughout the land […]