We know you’re all hot and bothered about Shades but what ELSE should you read? I’ve been reading JUST THE RULES: TOSCA’S GUIDE TO EATING RIGHT But there’s a TON of great books out there for you and your kids. I brought in two librarians and an avid readers to find out what to read […]

  Lately we’ve been talking about movies that hold up, that stand the test of time, and those that don’t. In the summer, with fewer TV options, we often go back to our favorite movies. It’s a constant source of dinner conversation, which movies hold up and which movies do not.   There are no […]

Hilarious reaction to the new Burger King Bacon Sundae.  

Later today I will be working on creating a few recipes with a new product that I really like. (Hopefully more on that later.) Recipe Creation Mode frightens everyone who has the misfortune to witness it. I’m trying to add, do fractions, and write stuff down all at the same time without gaining weight. Then […]

Sick of hummus? We’ve got you covered with two great dips. One for fruit and one for veggies! On this week’s Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate. OH and of course you can join us on Facebook for a daily diet of fun!

I’m sure you’re aware that iTunes analyzes your purchases and makes assumptions about what you like. iTunes suggests additional stuff you will like based on your history. It’s a lovely feature. But my entire family is on one iTunes account. While we are all short white people, the similarities between the members of my household […]