Dieting without a buddy is making this harder than it has to be and it’s already stupid hard. Dieting with a BAD Diet Buddy is even worse. I have GREAT diet buddies and if you find me on FB or on Twitter or Instagram and we can be diet buddies too. BUT if you’re this chick […]

  Do you make them? We do. Sometimes we keep them. Most times we don’t. But guess what? We’re TRYING to improve ourselves. We accept that we’re evolving so we resolve. Those of you who NEVER make resolutions, that’s cool but we’re a work in progress and at the start of a year it’s natural […]

Time Magazine a while back ran a long article out about research to indicate that exercise doesn’t make you thin. We’re thrilled, overjoyed, so excited about this that we decided to lay down on the couch. Seriously.  But haven’t we have all felt deep in our hearts, that we can be on the treadmill for HOURS and then […]

I was counting points but I fell off the wagon. So I decided to count calories and I went pretty low w/my daily caloric intake for about a week. Then to rein in my holiday binge I clamped down on the carbohydrates. But now I’m at an impass. I’m at the intersection of Bored Boulevard and Plateau […]

Amidst scouring the internet/mall/closest Toys for Tots bin for the best holiday sales, we all have a decision to make. What are we going to wear for Christmas/hanukkah/Kwanza/New Year’s Eve/53 Days ‘Til President’s Day? Despite declaring that we were not going to have another fat christmas…we feel like there’s at least a possibility that we could […]

For a long time we’ve talked about exercise in relation to smoking hotedness. But now that we’re in our late thirties and some of us are actually in our forties – we’ve evolved into understanding that exercise is about health not hotness. A new report got us thinking about getting moving. The report shows that […]

So what was the hip thing to do to whittle down your hips in 2009?  Our dear friend at Fat Fighter TV breaks it down and shares the top fitness trends of the year. In the interest of full disclosure we’re doing nothing lately to work on our fitness. We are feeling guilty ’bout that […]

Here’s a quick preview of how we’re going to handle the holidays and dieting.

This week I got a little Oprah time. The Oprah topic I caught was how your accessories could make you younger and slimmer and quite possibly change your life. I’m so in. Here’s how it goes down; style experts go out on the street armed with cameras to dissect the fashion choices of random women […]

Today we’re going to try a little mind game. We’re going to go through the day pretending we’re at our goal weight or size or fitness level. This means we are not on a diet we are maintaining. We are traveling into the future where we’ve already achieved our goal. Traveling into the future is […]