I think I’m going to loop this all day Sunday. If I’m heading for a second helping of the cheesy potatoes (or first), for the peeps or cadbury eggs (which really don’ttaste that good…admit it), the cheesecake, the fluffy orange whipped jello thing my mother-in-law makes (she makes a green one too), the sweet potato […]

Husband: I have some good news. Robin: What? Husband: I’ve determined that our scale is 3 pounds heavy. Robin: For how long? Husband: It has been off for about 3 or 4 weeks and I checked it against the doctor’s scale. Robin: This reminds me why I married you. Husband: Happy Easter. So, two weeks […]

How did your grandmother diet? I remember one of my grandmothers would eat cucumbers and ranch dressing for dinner until she lost what she wanted. My other grandmother had a list of “food exchanges” which even now are mystifying to me. My first diet successful/weight loss program involved gettting jilted by my boyfriend so I […]

We know you used to play beer drinking games back in college. We also all know that binge drinking alcohol is bad for you.  But for our diets we DO need to drink, in fact we need to sort of binge drink water. So we’re turning drinking our waters into a game. Enjoy! And here’s a printable version of the office-drinking-game to […]

We just saw Michelle on The Biggest Loser shed over 100 pounds and win $250,000. We’d here at DTBMULF would like to congratulate all the contestants on the show. They’re inspiring and watching their bodies change is riveting. While I take a lot of inspiration from how they change their bodies it’s hard to actually “do” […]

Yeah I spelled it “hole.” I’m eating light whole wheat bread. It tastes good, it’s only 35 calories AND I believe whole wheat bread is good for you. Great. But you can be sure I want the entire 35 calorie piece of bread. What pray tell am I to do with this? There’s a hole […]

Don the Magic Hoodie if diet and exercise fail you. If you’re a new reader read  more about The Magic Hoodie!

This week’s news nugget from FatfighterTV takes a look at exercise trends for 2009. So what’s the hip way to reduce your hips? Apparently boot camp style work outs and budget concerns are a couple of the trends for ought-nine. Click to read the list. Remember check back later today for more 32 Days of Christmas. […]

We know the relatives, drivers who don’t use blinkers, and the size zero in your office can make you bitter. But choke it down for the holidays! It’s got reverse caloric value. Like celery. You actually burn calories by swallowing the bile and you don’t have to open any cans of worms. Everybody wins.