It’s hot! It’s different! It’s Bikram Yoga. And likely it’s coming to your area. This week on Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate I learn about this yoga class that will for SURE get you sweating.  

Here’s a great recipe for a tasty cookie that uses Agave as the main sweetener. Also learn a bit more about cooking with Agave and why you would consider this alternative to sugar. Dena’s Almond Chocolate Chip Cookie with Agave 2 1/2 Cups Almond Flour 1/2 Tsp. Sea Salt 1/2 Tsp. Baking Soda 1/2 Cup […]

If you’re like me you hate the idea of push ups. Well get over it! We’re talking about why to do them – and how on this week’s Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate.

Valentine’s Day is a day centered around chocolate. Wait it’s centered around love. Wait no. Valentine’s Day is a day centered around a love of chocolate. For a dieter there are many possible temptations on February 14th. ┬áHere’s the Valentine’s Day episode of Full Plate. And here’s some fun ideas for YOUR February 14th in […]

I prepare a light slow cooker recipe courtesy Hot by 6 and Brittany’s got a PF Changish idea that’s light and tasty! Recipe for Chicken and Black Been Soup Recipe for Lettuce Wraps      

We’re talking diet buddies. Do you have one? Meet mine and find out how to pick a great diet BFF!

On Full Plate this week we wrapped with a professionally trained wrapper (not as gansta as you might think) AND we lightened up our cocktails. So if wrapping and drinking is on YOUR plate in the next twenty-four hours here’s how you do.    

On Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate we’re trying to cook healthy foods each week. This week we decorated broccoli instead of cookies and we rolled up a savory pastry for only 100 calories. This is only the second show and I’m working on NOT saying okay, okay? And giving the cooking segment more time. I’m a […]

Here’s a quick video of our set as construction begins. I just learned how to shoot and edit video with my little phone. Eventually I expect to be Spielburgian with the thing. (Okay so that’s not a word.) Here’s the quick look behind the scenes of a new t.v. show.