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Dieting without a buddy is making this harder than it has to be and it’s already stupid hard. Dieting with a BAD Diet Buddy is even worse. I have GREAT diet buddies and if you find me on FB or on Twitter or Instagram and we can be diet buddies too. BUT if you’re this chick […]

  There’s a lot of research to suggest that there is no rule about water. You’re supposed to drink it for health but there’s no amount that will guarantee success. Some say drink eight eight ounces glasses a day, and include juice or other non-caffienated drink in that total. Here’s what “they” say about it. […]

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I’m STUCK! I’ve been on a weight loss plateau for literally months. SO turned to some experts for this week’s Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate to help get me over it. If you’re stuck  sit in with us!   13abc.com: Breaking News, Weather and Sports

Certainly everyone knows that January 2 at any health club or gym is going to be busy. The first of the new year is the perfect time to lie to yourself that you’re going to work out every day and get in shape. But surprise surprise the other busy day at the health club or […]

Ok…dilemma people.  I’m going to Chicago for a b-day weekend w/ my mother. It’s going to be the perfect diet vacation because she has a BMI of like 19 and hates food. She said we can go to the store and buy up Smart Ones. Yes, I’ve come to the point in my life that […]