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This week on Full Plate I try to figure out what “It Works” is and we revisit Hot by 6! Here’s the first segment of this week’s show!

I can’t let the Summer Olympics come and go without pointing out that the world champion, great shot to medal, fantastic, pacesetting athlete Alex Schwazer, was disqualified in London for blood doping. What does Alex Schwazer do? Walking. Yep walking . Walking superfast, mind you, while wiggling his hips, but walking. The Italian was using […]

The Kindle version of my book, Your Twitter Diet, is available for FREE on Amazon from 12a.m. July 30th to 11:59 p.m July 31st. This book outlines how to use Twitter, how I used it to lose 20 pounds, and how you can turn your social media network into a weight loss machine. Here are […]

Are you having a hard time going it alone when it comes to your weight loss goals? Are you missing the “weighing in” element that some of the weight loss plans like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig offer? But maybe money’s tight and you can’t afford to join anything. That’s where Tweightloss comes in. Tweightloss […]

I don’t want to be Dara Torres (it would be nice but come on.) I don’t want to be Madonna (yes I do.)  I accept that the hot bodies displayed on television or magazine covers are totally unrealistic. I’m not an idiot and my self-esteem is okeedokee. In fact I just checked the dip stick and we’re good.  Yes I […]

 Today we give you part two of our Donna Schwartz Mills interview. You’ll remember she’s the fabulous mom blogger and dieter who caught the eye of People Magazine! Donna lost 56 pounds with a little help from Wii AND here’s what she ate…  How did you control your eating? (Low carb or cal? Weight Watchers? […]

The Pitt-Jolie twins were on the cover but if you went inside People Magazine you’d have found Donna Schwartz Mills, 52 of Southern California. People Magazine featured her weight loss success story. Donna lost 56 pounds with the help of Nintendo Wii Boxing AND the Ninetendo DS. Donna blogs at SoCal Mom. Donna consented to an in-depth […]

Yesterday after jamming a fist full of shredded cheese in my mouth (like you’ve never done it) I head out in search of a big bouncy ball. I plan to use said ball as the cornerstone of my new commitment to fitness which I’m going to commit to here real soon. So why the big bouncy […]

Remember how betheboy saved me while Greta’s on vacation. She’s got the nerve to still be on vacation. Well it turns out betheboy has a gorgeous wife who writes The Slack Daily and she has given me great motivation to get back to spinning class. Take a read! And thank you Slack Mistress. Orignally posted at […]