You’ve seen the t-shirt turned into a bag idea on Pinterest? This week Brittany and I test it! (Mostly Brittany) Does it pass the Pin Test? Breaking News, Weather and Sports Breaking News, Weather and Sports Visit Pintology to see suggest an idea you’d like to see tested!

Of course I’m addicted to Pinterest anyway. Here’s my page on Pinterest if you want to follow me boards mate!  

I’m a fan of Pinterest. I told you that you would be too WAY back in September.  I enjoy scrolling through the photos, sharing, laughing, and being inspired. BUT as a person always working to eat right, love my real (read not model) figure, and accept the generally messy disaster that is life I’ve noticed […]

September 29th, 2011. That’s the day I called Pinterest. By “called it” I mean I told you about it MONTHS ago. Now the latest news reports call Pinterest the fastest growing website in all the land. In fact it’s in the top ten of most popular social networks and rising. I can’t take full credit […]

A morning of fighting to get fit! Check out AM Fight Club here.

There’s a certain satisfaction in discovering something first, in calling it. Right now there’s a lot of us around here who’ve been Lions fans for decades. We’re all nodding our heads in a benevolent, “I am a guru” kind of way. If you were the first one to like something, you called it. Sure you’re […]