13abc.com: Breaking News, Weather and Sports Recipe – Pumpkin Cocoa Cake

13abc.com: Breaking News, Weather and Sports Here is the steam bake recipe! Really don’t miss the rice.

Knee deep in zukes? Here’s a few light suggestions!   13abc.com: Breaking News, Weather and Sports

This week on Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate we talked to a sleep expert about why less sleep equals more weight! We like the idea of sleeping it off.

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Here are some strategies and a printable on derailing the urge to binge eat. Here’s the risk when I say no TOO much. Don’t miss more diet and cooking with a dash of daffy on Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate.

September 29th, 2011. That’s the day I called Pinterest. By “called it” I mean I told you about it MONTHS ago. Now the latest news reports call Pinterest the fastest growing website in all the land. In fact it’s in the top ten of most popular social networks and rising. I can’t take full credit […]

Apparently men lose weight easily and women don’t. Sigh….

Hi loyal blog readers! I have an announcement to make. I’m going to be hosting a new t.v. show. I just typed that as though I’m calm about it. In fact I’ve invented a new word for the emotion I’m currently experiencing – Excitified. Excitified is when you’re totally excited about something and terrified at […]