Your Twitter Diet

The KEY to successful dieting is support. Whether it’s Atkins or Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. You need support, and for me sometimes I need support in the middle of the night or at work. So I turned to Twitter. I found a way to use my Twitter account to lose 20 pounds (and counting) and I want to share it with you.

My new book Your Twitter Diet explains how I did and shows you how to lose on Twitter too! Look!

No matter what healthy eating plan you decide to follow Your Twitter Diet can supercharge your weight loss.

Download it for less than the cost of lunch. Only $3.99 and you’re on your way to smaller sizes and real lifestyle change!

With Your Twitter Diet method you learn:
How to Use Twitter (if you’ve never tried it)
How to build a Support Network
How to customize your tribe to fit your life
How to tap into hundreds of people already losing at winning thanks to the most powerful social network on the web!
How to use Twitter to add accountability to your health commitments.
Access to lists of the best @TweetingDieters on the web.

I’ve developed this method over the last several years. Look even Biz Stone gave me a thumbs up!

Hundreds of people are using Twitter to lose, but how? This summer a writer at The New York Times wrote this article about losing on Twitter. It was great but it doesn’t give and practical advice on how to use Twitter for your diet.

Another reporter read the New York Times story and wanted MORE. The internet led her to me. She said, “It seems like you have an entire system.” And I do, I was interviewed for MORE but that was just a little bit on how to Tweet it Off.

Here’s a few t.v. stories on how I Twitter Diet. Take at the Your Twitter Diet on TV.

Twitter Diet Part One – Exercise

Twitter Diet Part Two – Diet

The Twitter Diet Part Three – Support