We’re Not A Doctor

Surgeon_1While Rebecca and Robin are know-it-alls we are not, sadly, doctors, nor personal trainers nor dieticians. You are responsible for any horrible consequence that may occur upon taking food and exercise advice from Robin and Rebecca.

If however, you take their advice on what outfit to wear to minimize, say, your butt you are very smart. Rebecca is particularly good at helping in that area, really, and Robin knows it. Robin ought to just wear what Rebecca says all the time. 

Robin can spot a “suspicious” mole a mile away. (She’s known as The Mole Whisperer in some circles.) But don’t email us pictures of moles that you’re concerned about because this blog is not “Does This Mole Look Suspicious?”

Anyway, fashionwise, please do take our advice we’re very responsible. Nope, no fashion malpractice here. Except Robin has a pair of shoes of which Rebecca is not too fond. But the shoes aren’t legally actionable. With food and exercise and medicine we’re unreliable.

There you’ve been warned. We’re not a doctor and you should get that checked.